Support Kill the Plumber [FUNDED!]


Kill the Plumber is coming to Steam!

UPDATE:  Kill the Plumber for Steam has been FUNDED on Kickstarter!

Thank you all for the support.


We have some great news!  Our good friends at TekiTown - Izzy, Keybol, Zach, and Jim - are building a super awesome, enhanced version of Kill the Plumber 2.  Our web version of the game is just a preview of what's to come.  The new Steam game, which is ALREADY GREENLIT and approved on Steam, is guaranteed to feature:

  • 100+ levels!
  • Grassland, dungeon, castle, beach, and underwater levels
  • 30+ playable characters
  • Recorded speedruns
  • Controller support

But we need your help.  This game will only exist if YOU support the developers!  Head over to the Kill the Plumber Kickstarter Page to support the project and make sure this game becomes a reality.

TekiTown has pledged to include even more content if they break their funding goals.  Check out what the developers have to say about this mega-upgrade to the Kill the Plumber series on their Kickstarter page.  Even if you can't donate to help fund this game, please share the game with your friends.  Let's all show our support so that Kill the Plumber for Steam can be the best possible game!


Trophies & Leaderboards :)

Did someone say TROPHIES?
.... Yes!

 All our games on Dojo now provide you with the goodness of trophies and highscores.

Play them now to earn trophies and secure your place on the leaderboards!

Game Trophies Leaderboard
Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls
Bobby Da Arrow  
Jumping Long
Age of Wonder

Happy Playing ;)


Potatoman Seeks The Troof - LAUNCHED!


 Hello Dojo-ers (or whatever it is you like to be called),

We're stoked to introduce you to one of our latest games, Potatoman Seeks The Troof. This game came out on Mac and PC a few years ago, but we recently had the pleasure of working with Dojo in order to bring you a version you can enjoy right now in the debilitating comfort of your own web browser.

So, what's with this Potatoman fellow anyway?  He's a naive sort of chap, freshly grown on some god-forsaken farm in Idaho.  He's searching for what we all are, really, but his journey is going to be a bit more... painful.  Keep on with it though, as the TROOF is worth all the hurt his crazy world can throw at him.

Don't listen to that scorpion!  Never turn back, always be seeking and ye shall find.  Unless you don't...  that's not our problem though.  The TROOF is definitely in this game, you'll just need to brush up on your hardcore platforming skills in order to find it.  You DO have platforming skills, don't you?  If not, they are on sale at WalMart this week.  Or was that last week?...  No matter. .. GO PLAY IT!


Vanguards 2 is now Live!

When the alien race Screech invaded, Earth's mightiest super heroes assembled to repel them.

But amidst the famous battle and the great victory, a key event was taking place somewhere else.

Play and unveil the untold story of Vanguards 2: Unsung heroes! 





Vanguards 2 Video Walkthrough





 Relive the story!

Vanguards #1 also let you control a team of super heroes as you defend the city from crooks and the planet against the aliens in this innovative puzzle game!




Vanguards 1 Video Walkthrough











Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls : Spread the Knowledge!

Follow the epic journey of Eratosthenes.

After discovering a secret room full of ancient wisdom in the great
library of Alexandria, you make it your mission to spread
that knowledge throughout the land.


Earn medals along the way


Also Available on Phones & Tablets!


Play now on Dojo